Create and customize your own brush

We get many brushes in photoshop and also we can download brush package both premium and free. But sometimes we want brush that are not available anywhere.
Photoshop provide facility to create own brushes. And also we can customize brush by adjusting its scattering, smoothing, noise, color, shape and angle jitter. It help us to use brush to draw various pattern, here is example.

Flower pattern using brush
custom brush

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Scratch disk full error photoshop

Sometimes in photoshop when we try to save document file we get error “Scratch disk are full” and we can’t save file.

Photoshop save data to disk where photoshop installed(generally in c). when there is low space in these disk we get this error.

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create border around image in photoshop

In this blog it is explained that how to create border or outline around image or photo in photoshop.

  1. open image in photoshop.
  2. Then open blending option by either go to layer->layer style->blending option or right click on layer in layer palate and click on blending option or click on right of layer.

blending option

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Erase irregular background of image in photoshop

In this blog it is described how irregular or not plan background is erase using pen tool.

  1. Open image in photoshop with irregular background


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How to erase or delete background of image in photoshop

sometime we want to erase background of image where image background with same pixels i.e. plain white color

In this post it is explained how make transparent background of an image or delete  background where background contain similar pixels.

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create different background using filter in Photoshop

You can create different and attractive background for web design simply using filters in photoshop.

Main image


color combination(foreground color/background color)


copy specific part of image Or layer via copy in photoshop

  1. Open any image in photoshop. Select part which you want to copy using any selection tool.

Selection tools

  1. Marquee tool
  2. Lasso tool
  3. Magic wand tool

Here I use polygonal lasso tool to se

lect polygon.

selection _of_image

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