Simple way to remove acne and scars from skin using photoshop

tired of pimples,scars in photos? it destroys beauty of face completely.
pimple ,scars,spots, everyone of us get that at some point of time. no one wants pimples and scars ruin beauty of their face. so here is a tool in photoshop that help you to remove pimples, scars from photo ,that is healing brush tool.

remove pimple

  1. open photo to be modified, in photoshop.
  2. select healing brush tool from tool box on left side of photoshop window.
  3. select same on upper menu as shown in fig.healing brush tool
  4. alt + click to define source point use as a sample to repair image. be careful in selecting source point. source point must be look nearly similar to skin around scar.define source

5. then click on scar or pimple and it will disappear.

remove scar

after remove scar

finalscar removed

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