Get more Information about Pokemon Go

Get more Information about Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO” Keyword that has break all the record of searches on google. It is more searched than facebook and whatsup.
How can we forget cartoon character pokemon which is launched by Japanese company nintedo 20 years ago.
Now Japanese company nintedo has launched GPS based ,free to play, smartphone game “POKEMON GO”. Recently it is launched in 20 countries. It is real world game as player has to travel in real world to play game (to catch wild pokeman).


Game Play

It is interesting game as in that you can catch pokemon, battling at gym, collecting items.
After establishing account in game you can create avatar by choosing hair, color, style,outfit.
After creation of ‘avatar’ it is displayed on map along with surrounding’s pokestop and pokegyms. finding pokestop provide eggs, poke balls.
pokegym for group based battle and it is available after stage 5.
As player travel in real world, avatar travel on map. Pokemon reside on different location’s of world on map. game can be view either in AR(augmented reality) mode or in generic background. In AR mode image of pokemon displayed like it is in real world using camera of mobile device.To capture pokemon player has to throw pokeball on pokemon, if pokemon successfully caught then it is under player’s ownership. and player awarded with two type of currencies stardust and candies.

John hanke, creator of Pokemon Go

It takes 20 years to bring this game to world by john hanke.
Year 1996 when he was student he create ‘meredian 59’ a multiplayer online game.
In 2004 he has created ‘key hole’ and sale it to google that today named as ‘google earth’.
He has created ‘ingress’ gps based online game In 2012.
In 2014 John hanke and google team has decided to give challenge to users to find pokemon on google map on 1st april. After success of this idea john hanke get idea to create game Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Release Date: July 6, 2016
Platform: iPhone and Android devices
Players: Single or Multiplayer

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