Remedies for pimples

It is not diesease but when poping pimple or breaking of pimple it causes scars on skin. pimple may be produced on face, chest, back, shoulder and neck.
Both in men and women at age of 15 to 25 years, due to secretion of male Harmon(androgen), changes in sebaceous glands under skin layer and this is the causes of acne or pimple. This sebaceous gland is connected to pores in skin layer via follicle(thin tubes). sebaceous glands produces oily thing call ‘sebum’. Each follicle contain a thin hair. When sebum, hair and skin cell infected from bacteria then follicle get blocked and this is known as pimple.


scientist had not found proper reason behind pimples. but possibility is
1. Due to male Harmon androgen.
2. It may be inherited.
3. Tension, mentally stress, moisture in air.
4. Use of Makeup that contains excess oil.
5. Hair with excess oil applied on it.
6. Use of Medicines contain lithium and androgen.
7. Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
8. poping of pimple.

1. white heads
2. black heads
3. Papules
4. Pustules
5. Nodules
6. Cysts

1. If their is normal pimple then take prescription of your family doctor and do treatment according to that. If amount of pimple is high then see
dermatologist. that help you in cure pimple and protect production of new pimple and also protect your skin from scars produced by pimples.
2. If Cysts type of pimples spread on your face. then doctors give coarse of anti biotic medicine.
3.For women’s, doctors give oral contraceptive pills which decrease amount of androgen and it decreases pimples.

1. After age of 15 years everyone should have clean face with mild soap two times daily.
2. Leave habit of daily eating of hot, spicy and oily food.
3. Specially girls, Do not change cream and moisturiser repeatably.
4. Avoid direct sunlight on face specially in summer.
5. Don’t touch your face with dirty or dusty hands. Touch face after washing hands.
6. It is possible that pimple produce on face where spectacles touches. so wash spectacles in medium hot water regularity.
7. Don’t pop pimple with nails it produce more pimple due to infection.
8. Wear lose cloths. because their is possibility of pimple on parts of body due to sweat and stretching of skin due to tight cloths.
9. Remove makeup and moisturiser before go to bed to sleep at night.
10. Your hair may contain sebum. So protect hair from touching your face.

1. In women’s before 7-8 days of periods their is change in Harmon so pimple increases suddenly.
2. It may be due to repeatably change in makeup and moisturiser.
3. sometimes it is due to wearing tight cloths and stretching of skin near tight cloths.
4. It may be due to mentally stress.

For treatment of scar there is many cream and lotion available in market but it may have side effects so use natural remedies for it.
1. Apply fresh aloevera juice on scars.
2. Apply Paste of backing soda and water on scars.
3. Apply coconut oil on scars. you can see effect in 4 to 5 days. it makes your skin smooth and remove scars.
4. Put fresh cucumber slice on scars for 20 minutes.
5. Apply honey(natural moisturiser)on scars, for a week.
6. Mix lemon juice in little water and apply it on scars.
7. Apply potato juice on scars or put potato slice on scars for 20 minutes.

acne scars
acne scars

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