how to oil paint a photo in photoshop using filter

Oil paint in photoshop lets you change photo to look like oil painting. in this tutorial it is done by installing oil paint plugin in photoshop.
and it can be done in all version of photoshop.

Before                                                       After

oil paint effect
oil paint effect

1. Download plugin here:
Download Link for Oil Paint Plugin
2.after downloading extract zip file. and paste that files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Plug-Ins(it may be vary little for your plugin).
3.Then open any image on which you want to apply oil paint effect in photoshop.
4.go to FILTER -> NOISE ->GREYCstoration

oil paint filter
oil paint filter

then a palate is open where you have to change some parameter values to make image look like oil painting.

make this changes

strength :- 111

contour :- 0.2

anisotropy :- 1

noise scale :- 0.1

geometry regularity :- 3

gpu checked.

oil paint filter
oil paint filter


and final result is here. you can change parameters according to your requirement.

oil paint effect

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