Make paint splash effect on photo in photoshop.

It is fun to apply some effects on photo in photoshop. here is tutorial to apply paint splash effect on photo, it’s easy and it is for
any version of photoshop. You just need paint splash brush. you can free download it from internet according to your version of photoshop. I have photoshop version 7.0 and here is paint splash brushes free download  for photoshop 7.0


1. open any image(on which you want to apply paint splash effect) in photoshop. this is layer 1.

open image
2. Take a new layer and fill it with white color using paint bucket tool.This is layer 2.
3. Select brush tool and choose paint splash brush. Make sure that black color is a foreground color. Then using brush tool paint like shown in image.

paint spalash brush2

paint spalash brush
4.Take a new layer(layer 3) using new layer icon in layer palate. Fill it with white color using paint bucket tool.Then make layer 3 invisible for sometime using eye icon in layer palate.


Select design done by brush in layer 2. (Make sure layer 2 is active layer). Here i have selected design using SELECT -> COLOR RANGE.
color range palate is open and you can adujust fuzziness value then click ok.

color range

color range palate
6. Then right click on image and select inverse to invert selection.(make sure you have selected any of selection tool here i have marquee tool selected).

invert selection
7.Then make layer 3 visible and will find selection like shown in image. Then press delete button from keyboard to delete that selected part
from layer 3.

layer 3 again 
8. Then make layer 2 invisible and you can see paint splash effect in image.

layer 2 invisible
paint spalash effect9. Then on layer 1 Desaturate image using IMAGE -> ADUJUSTMENT -> DESATURATE. OR press ctrl + shift + U.(make sure layer 1 is active layer.)


desaturated image
10.create new adjustment layer using icon in layer palate.choose gradient from it. choose any gradient from palate. you can also adjust other values i.e style,angel etc. you can change it later by clicking on layer thumbnail in layer palate.

adjustment layer

gradient fill then set blending mode to screen in adjustment layer from layer palate.



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