killer Soft drinks

From time to time there is news published related to poison particles in soft drinks. the law of countries like india, bhutan, nepal and bangladesh is week that they can’t do anything against this companies with huge income of millions,billions. This companies have political support so they do business without any fear.


On basis of a report in 2014 in america 1,84,000 peoples lead to death due to drinking this soft drinks. But Government of america ignore it because this companies seal mouth of political parties by giving millions of dollars.

Telegraph report says on basis of experiment in america if you drink chilled Pepsi and coca cola two times in a week then it increase possibility of pancreas cancer to you. This soft drinks increase work of pancreas by producing extra insulin, due high level of sugar in it. Possibility of prostate cancer in male increase by 40 percent.
In women’s it increase possibility of breast cancer. It increase possibility of heart disease, diabetes and cancer due to sugar and extra chemicals.
If we see in India some years ago there is objection in south India that this soft drinks use water which contains harmful chemicals. It contains mercury and carcinogenic particles. report of 6th October’s Indian express say’s there is five poison particles in soft drinks (cocacola, sprite, mountain dew, Pepsi). and that is antimony(color paints, battery cells, ceramic enamels, glass material),lead, chromium, cadmium and compound D. compound D is a one type of acid which is very harmful for health.
time to time this thing comes in discussion but none of government take any actions against it.

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