Tell me what is more beautiful

how d moon lets sun shine throught d day!


way d sun lets d moon glimmer at night.

Night is for end of worries and Fears of d day.

It signifies to leave it all to god &

Prepare for another day to come.

Have a peaceful night and blessed tommorow!

Think of all the good moments of the day


keep a smile for tommorow.

Sweet Dreams.

Life always offers you a second chance

its called TOMORROW.

So fall asleep with a Dream and wake up with purpose.

Internet is over for today

Sleep Well..

I wanted to send you a

Good Night Hug

With lots and lots of love.

Dream sweetly

Sleep peacefully!

Wake happily.

The darkest nights

Produce Brightest stars!

A very Good Night to you.

I wish moon always be full & bright,

You always be cool and right!!

Whenever you go to switch off light,

Remember that i am wishing you

Good Night