Friendship: A Precious God gift

Friend it is the priceless gift by god, with whom you can go for long journey or you can cry on his/her shoulder in bad times. Friend is the family chooses by us.A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
why friendship day is celebrated?
we are celebrating Friendship day on 7th august. In the decade of 1930 founder of hallmark card joyesh hill saw annual report of his company. He noticed that sell of cards is less in august due to absence of any festival. To increase sell of cards in august they started celebration of friendship day.


Friendship is occasion which make each moment of present better. Foundation of strong relation between lovers or husband-wife is the friendship. In any relationship, friendships bring support and joy.

If we will look in past then in Mahabharata god Krishna was successful in his each diplomacy except one. That is to break friendship of karna and duryodhan. Karna already know that in war, defeat of kauravas was sure and if he switch to pandavas then he would get throne as he is elder brother. But he chooses friendship with duryodhan.
Friendship started for need but as time passes feeling and love takes place of need or necessity. In best friendship their is lot of exception is natural thing but no emotional blackmailing in it. Friend is the one who understand emotions of heart From expression of eye and tone of voice in a moment. to whom we can call using abuse word but become angry when someone else say abuse word to friend.
Friend is one with whom you are totally comfortable and you can share your feeling.You do not have to think twice before saying anything and can do any crazy things. True friend always supports you in right things never judges you and always give right suggestion, no matter if it hurts you  ,say what is right for you.
When feel lonely or in pressure from all sides at that time place where we can pour out heart’s feeling that is true friend.

in 2014 gaddi mckenna from south Africa got to know that she has breast cancer .and she has hair fall due to chemotherapy. At that time irrespective of giving only sympathy her 11 friends has does
shaving and say why only you suffer from sickness, Your difficulty is our difficulty.

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