Create cloudy sky in photoshop

Create cloudy sky in Photoshop

Some things look difficult to do. but using some tricks easy to do. Photoshop provide filters which also help to create amazing backgrounds. Here is blog which show you how to create cloudy sky background in photoshop using filter. It’s very easy and attractive.

cloudy sky background
cloudy sky background

  1. New document-Take a new document of any size you want and name it. here it is of 300 X 300.
  2. Choose colors– Choose background and foreground colors as per your requirement. here it is foreground color is #1FABD9 and background colors is #ffffff.
    set foreground color
    set foreground color

    3. paint bucket– Click on paint bucket tool from tool box on left side of photoshop.

  3. paint bucket tool
    paint bucket tool

    4. fill color-Fill color on document using paint bucket tool. It fill color which is selected on foreground.

  4. fill color
    fill color

    5. Use filter– Go to filter -> Render -> Clouds. and your beautiful background is created. Benefit of this filter is you can create background as per your choice of color and size in spite of download it from anywhere.



    cloudy sky background
    cloudy sky background



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