Top 3 Best website for Lifestyle and Biography of celebs

Top 3 Best website for Lifestyle and Biography of celebs

1) Started in 2018. which contain all information and Personal Details about famous Celebs. Breakingbuzz have Lage amout of data. they contain Highest Biography of Celebs. it’s speedly grow with Latest stars and top Blogs details with good’s also Growing alexa rank day by day. it’s achich good ranking with limited time period.
Breaking Buzz also contain Top Artical and Blogs about famous things in the world. Like top in the world, Best in Music, Best ever etc…
Biography, Lifestyle, Actor, Actress, Singer, Producer, Director, Best Movies, Top, Latest News, Sports, Personal Information.


starsunfolded under 20000 Alexa Rank in Global and Under 1500 in India. It’s Awsome site for get celebs details.
starsunfolded site started in 2013. they have greate collection of content., about the secrets of your favourite celebrities. Their Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Family, Lesser Known Facts and much more! For more info


biography have under 7000 Alexa Rank in Global and Under 4000 in USA. it’s Best site for celebs Biography with great source. is Oldes site which started in 1995. They have Largest amount of Content for Biogrpay.

Learn the life stories of your favorite famous figures with our extensive collection of biographies.

Create cloudy sky in photoshop

Create cloudy sky in Photoshop

Some things look difficult to do. but using some tricks easy to do. Photoshop provide filters which also help to create amazing backgrounds. Here is blog which show you how to create cloudy sky background in photoshop using filter. It’s very easy and attractive.

cloudy sky background
cloudy sky background

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make transparent glassy ball in photoshop

sometimes transparancy create attraction. Photoshop provides facility to give transparent look to objects in image. Here is the blog to create transparancy in circle or ball using inner shadow(blending option) in very simple way.


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Create custom pattern in photoshop

In new trend, custom pattern is used in photoshop to fill artwork to give clean but texture look.In photoshop some patterns are given by default.

Sometime we are wasting hours for searching simple patterns. Now we have solution. we can create our own pattern as per our need or we can use pattern from various websites. Here in this blog it is explained how to create custom pattern in photoshop.

Here we create dots pattern and apply it to image.

final result
final result

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Create twinkling stars animation in photoshop imageready

Photoshop provides facility to create animation or gif file using imageready. Here we are going to create twinkling stars background.


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Change opacity of background without affecting content in html

Sometimes we want to change opacity of background but using opacity property in css opacity of content also affected.



Solution to this problem is use rgba formate for background color.


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Align label and textbox on same line in html and css

Presentation is very important while displaying anything on web. It look nice when textbox align on same vertical line while writing html pages.

In this blog it is explained that how to align label and textbox on same line in html with css in a very simple way. With the help of login form, alignment of form element is described.


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