Scratch disk full error photoshop

Sometimes in photoshop when we try to save document file we get error¬†“Scratch disk are full” and we can’t save file.

Photoshop save data to disk where photoshop installed(generally in c). when there is low space in these disk we get this error.

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undo multiple time photoshop

In photoshop Sometimes we do mistakes and we want correct them. we can undo it one time using ctrl + z. In this blog it is explain how can we undo multiple times.

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Design background for photo in photoshop

In this post i will show you one technique to design background for any photo in photoshop. Background is designed from same photo.


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Design text in shape of arc or in different way in photoshop

In this blog it is shown how to give different shape to text in photoshop. for e.g we want text in shape of arc.


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install brushes in photoshop

In this blog it is explained that how to install or load various brushes in photoshop.

  1. Brushes is in form of .abr file or in zip file.(If you do not have brushes then you can download from many websites.)
  2. Here i have downloaded brush from one website.

install brush

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