Black screen problem in photoshop cc while using text tool.

many photoshop cc users may face this problem many times.
while using selection tools or while using text tool in photoshop screen turns to black. problem may be caused by defective, unsupported,
or incompatible graphics processor or graphics driver. that has many solutions. one of those is here.

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Make paint splash effect on photo in photoshop.

It is fun to apply some effects on photo in photoshop. here is tutorial to apply paint splash effect on photo, it’s easy and it is for
any version of photoshop. You just need paint splash brush. you can free download it from internet according to your version of photoshop. I have photoshop version 7.0 and here is paint splash brushes free download  for photoshop 7.0


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how to oil paint a photo in photoshop using filter

Oil paint in photoshop lets you change photo to look like oil painting. in this tutorial it is done by installing oil paint plugin in photoshop.
and it can be done in all version of photoshop.

Before                                                       After

oil paint effect
oil paint effect

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Simple way to remove acne and scars from skin using photoshop

tired of pimples,scars in photos? it destroys beauty of face completely.
pimple ,scars,spots, everyone of us get that at some point of time. no one wants pimples and scars ruin beauty of their face. so here is a tool in photoshop that help you to remove pimples, scars from photo ,that is healing brush tool.

remove pimple

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Create cloudy sky in photoshop

Create cloudy sky in Photoshop

Some things look difficult to do. but using some tricks easy to do. Photoshop provide filters which also help to create amazing backgrounds. Here is blog which show you how to create cloudy sky background in photoshop using filter. It’s very easy and attractive.

cloudy sky background
cloudy sky background

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make transparent glassy ball in photoshop

sometimes transparancy create attraction. Photoshop provides facility to give transparent look to objects in image. Here is the blog to create transparancy in circle or ball using inner shadow(blending option) in very simple way.


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Create custom pattern in photoshop

In new trend, custom pattern is used in photoshop to fill artwork to give clean but texture look.In photoshop some patterns are given by default.

Sometime we are wasting hours for searching simple patterns. Now we have solution. we can create our own pattern as per our need or we can use pattern from various websites. Here in this blog it is explained how to create custom pattern in photoshop.

Here we create dots pattern and apply it to image.

final result
final result

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Create twinkling stars animation in photoshop imageready

Photoshop provides facility to create animation or gif file using imageready. Here we are going to create twinkling stars background.


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Create and customize your own brush

We get many brushes in photoshop and also we can download brush package both premium and free. But sometimes we want brush that are not available anywhere.
Photoshop provide facility to create own brushes. And also we can customize brush by adjusting its scattering, smoothing, noise, color, shape and angle jitter. It help us to use brush to draw various pattern, here is example.

Flower pattern using brush
custom brush

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