killer Soft drinks

From time to time there is news published related to poison particles in soft drinks. the law of countries like india, bhutan, nepal and bangladesh is week that they can’t do anything against this companies with huge income of millions,billions. This companies have political support so they do business without any fear.


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Tips To Burn Belly Fat Naturally

Feel ashamed of too much belly? whether you want flat belly for beautiful figure? here is blog to reduce belly fat naturally which is good for
your health.
what is belly fat?
It is fat on your stomach. After age of 25 to 30 healthy person also have some belly fat. most of fat is present on each organ of stomach i.e liver, intestine,kidney, pancreas, stomach. Disease caused by too much belly fat is blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, memory loss,breast cancer in women and intestine cancer in men.


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Remedies for pimples

It is not diesease but when poping pimple or breaking of pimple it causes scars on skin. pimple may be produced on face, chest, back, shoulder and neck.
Both in men and women at age of 15 to 25 years, due to secretion of male Harmon(androgen), changes in sebaceous glands under skin layer and this is the causes of acne or pimple. This sebaceous gland is connected to pores in skin layer via follicle(thin tubes). sebaceous glands produces oily thing call ‘sebum’. Each follicle contain a thin hair. When sebum, hair and skin cell infected from bacteria then follicle get blocked and this is known as pimple.


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Advantages of Drinking lemon water

Their are many advantages of drinking lemon water. Lemon contains vitamin B complex, vitamin C(potassium),magnesium and citric acid.


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Bleeding in gums while brushing teeth

Bleeding in gums while brushing teeth may be due to lack of vitamin C in body.

when there is ineffiecency of vitamin c in body blood vessels (which carry blood ) have a thin walls get week or breakable.


  • Do brush smoothly and apply light pressure while brushing teeth.
  • Drink milk daily.
  • To increase vitamin c eat fruits of every season. i.e. orange, lemon.
  • In season of goose berry(amla) eat 3-4 goose berry daily.
  • goose berry make wall of blood vessels strong, and it is also best for hair and eyes.