Olympics – Greatest Show On The Earth

It is world’s largest international games competition in which thousands of athlete from around the world were participating in various games. It is
takes place at every four years. and around 200 countries participates in it. Modern Olympics were started at 6th April 1896 in Athens city of Greece.


In first Olympics 311 athletes were participated from 13 countries and all athletes are male. Ten out of nine games were played in this Olympics. which include athletics, gymnastics, swimming, fencing, shooting, cycling, weight lifting, wrestling,rowing, tennis,  etc. James colony of america get first gold medal of Olympics in triple jump. America win first place in first Olympics with 11 gold medals. in this way first Olympics were completed without women.


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Get more Information about Pokemon Go

Get more Information about Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO” Keyword that has break all the record of searches on google. It is more searched than facebook and whatsup.
How can we forget cartoon character pokemon which is launched by Japanese company nintedo 20 years ago.
Now Japanese company nintedo has launched GPS based ,free to play, smartphone game “POKEMON GO”. Recently it is launched in 20 countries. It is real world game as player has to travel in real world to play game (to catch wild pokeman).


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