PhoneGap Introduction

Now a days there are so many platforms available for mobile apps like the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and so on.

Earlier, people who wanted to develop any app for these platforms need to learn and understand the platform’s API, its programming languages, and so on.
But this learning process was surely time consuming. This is where PhoneGap comes for the rescue.

PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform Mobile Application development framework by Adobe System
which allows web developers to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To develop apps using PhoneGap, the developer does not require to have knowledge of mobile programming language or platform specific API’s but
only web-development languages like, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PhoneGap can be used to build applications that target multiple platforms,
including Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HP WebOS, Symbian, and Bada.

PhoneGap simply allows you to create a native app in a way similar you build a website.
This feature of PhoneGap makes it great because working on web technologies is a simpler task and more people are aware of them.

It can access hardware features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and many more

Some Advantages of PhoneGap

1. PhoneGap is an amazing technology, since it allows us to develop platform independent.
Through PhoneGap, we can write our code once and can be compiled and deployed over a vast number of platforms.

2. easy development process Through PhoneGap, we can simply develop mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

3. free and open source framework


how to saw or hide file extension in windows?

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1. Go to control panal of windows.


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Open virus infected USB using command prompt in windows

In this blog it is explained that how to open USB with virus in windows using one line code in command prompt.

  1. Open command prompt in windows.


2. Go to Usb in command prompt.(Type letter E and hit enter where E is Usb)


3. Type attrib -s -h -r /s /d and hit enter.


4. Then open Usb.

5. You can also delete specific file using del filename command.