Preicious necklace

Sometime we trying to show off to the society to get fake praises. and we trying to find happiness in fake praises.  But the life is be happy with what you have. It also says we should not pine after material possessions but realize we are lucky with what we have.

A small palace, costly car and garden in back of palace. anyone can guess that owner of this palace must be rich. There was a time when this owner was rich. He was like celebrity in London. His wife feel proud when everyone praises  of her jewellary. Continue reading “Preicious necklace”

Punishment Accepted By Gandhiji

Gandhiji was very punctual regarding all things. he is also treat people equally, no partiality.
here is the one incident which shows this qualities of mahatma gandhi.

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Success is the best revenge

Success Is The Best Revenge

Ever been so angry on someone, shout at someone. Hey cool down.. there is better way to get your revenge. It’s called success.  Don’t become mad, don’t shout, don’t do something stupid and waste your energy. Instead focus and use your energy to doing one thing ‘Becoming Success ‘. Believe me it’s best way to get revenge.

Here is the short story to understand this small message.


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make transparent glassy ball in photoshop

sometimes transparancy create attraction. Photoshop provides facility to give transparent look to objects in image. Here is the blog to create transparancy in circle or ball using inner shadow(blending option) in very simple way.


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Create custom pattern in photoshop

In new trend, custom pattern is used in photoshop to fill artwork to give clean but texture look.In photoshop some patterns are given by default.

Sometime we are wasting hours for searching simple patterns. Now we have solution. we can create our own pattern as per our need or we can use pattern from various websites. Here in this blog it is explained how to create custom pattern in photoshop.

Here we create dots pattern and apply it to image.

final result
final result

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Create twinkling stars animation in photoshop imageready

Photoshop provides facility to create animation or gif file using imageready. Here we are going to create twinkling stars background.


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Tips To Burn Belly Fat Naturally

Feel ashamed of too much belly? whether you want flat belly for beautiful figure? here is blog to reduce belly fat naturally which is good for
your health.
what is belly fat?
It is fat on your stomach. After age of 25 to 30 healthy person also have some belly fat. most of fat is present on each organ of stomach i.e liver, intestine,kidney, pancreas, stomach. Disease caused by too much belly fat is blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, memory loss,breast cancer in women and intestine cancer in men.


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Olympics – Greatest Show On The Earth

It is world’s largest international games competition in which thousands of athlete from around the world were participating in various games. It is
takes place at every four years. and around 200 countries participates in it. Modern Olympics were started at 6th April 1896 in Athens city of Greece.


In first Olympics 311 athletes were participated from 13 countries and all athletes are male. Ten out of nine games were played in this Olympics. which include athletics, gymnastics, swimming, fencing, shooting, cycling, weight lifting, wrestling,rowing, tennis,  etc. James colony of america get first gold medal of Olympics in triple jump. America win first place in first Olympics with 11 gold medals. in this way first Olympics were completed without women.


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Friendship: A Precious God gift

Friend it is the priceless gift by god, with whom you can go for long journey or you can cry on his/her shoulder in bad times. Friend is the family chooses by us.A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
why friendship day is celebrated?
we are celebrating Friendship day on 7th august. In the decade of 1930 founder of hallmark card joyesh hill saw annual report of his company. He noticed that sell of cards is less in august due to absence of any festival. To increase sell of cards in august they started celebration of friendship day.


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