Advice: Easy to give hard to follow

It was a incident of time when dr. sarvepalli radhakrishnan was a professor in college. A rich person came to dr. radhakrishnan and said that my son study in college.

 he is brilliant but he has bad habit of tea. Please give him advice to leave this habit.
radhakrishnan : came to me after month and i will advice him to leave tea habit.
After month when rich man came to radhakrushan
radhakrishnan : any thing is bad when use excessively so stop drinking tea. that young man has promise to stop drinking tea.
rich man: why you don’t have given advice to not drink tea when we came at first time?
radhakrishnan : At that time i also have habit of drinking tea. When i was drinking tea, how can i advice other to stop it?
There is no effect of advice without following it.

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