how to saw or hide file extension in windows?

Many time you want to change file extension of any file in windows os. and sometime it is not visible. here is blog that tell you how to make file extension visible of any file.

1. Go to control panal of windows.


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killer Soft drinks

From time to time there is news published related to poison particles in soft drinks. the law of countries like india, bhutan, nepal and bangladesh is week that they can’t do anything against this companies with huge income of millions,billions. This companies have political support so they do business without any fear.


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Preicious necklace

Sometime we trying to show off to the society to get fake praises. and we trying to find happiness in fake praises.  But the life is be happy with what you have. It also says we should not pine after material possessions but realize we are lucky with what we have.

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Punishment Accepted By Gandhiji

Gandhiji was very punctual regarding all things. he is also treat people equally, no partiality.
here is the one incident which shows this qualities of mahatma gandhi.

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Success is the best revenge

Success Is The Best Revenge

Ever been so angry on someone, shout at someone. Hey cool down.. there is better way to get your revenge. It’s called success.  Don’t become mad, don’t shout, don’t do something stupid and waste your energy. Instead focus and use your energy to doing one thing ‘Becoming Success ‘. Believe me it’s best way to get revenge.

Here is the short story to understand this small message.


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