Advantages of Drinking lemon water

Their are many advantages of drinking lemon water. Lemon contains vitamin B complex, vitamin C(potassium),magnesium and citric acid.


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Hair care tips

Tired of dull, damaged and spilt ended hair? Want to stop hair fall?
Everyone wants their hair to look beautiful, shiny and healthy. But due to pollution and lack of nutrition in food many problems occurs in hair.

Here are some tips to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.
First of all know type of your hair whether it is oily,dry or normal.
To know type of your hair
on the next day of cleaning your hair, take tissue paper and keep it on middle of your hair. If it gets oily then your hair is oily.
If tissue paper is dry then hair is dry hair. and if light oil on tissue then your hair is normal. Then take care of your hair according to hair type. Continue reading “Hair care tips”

Create and customize your own brush

We get many brushes in photoshop and also we can download brush package both premium and free. But sometimes we want brush that are not available anywhere.
Photoshop provide facility to create own brushes. And also we can customize brush by adjusting its scattering, smoothing, noise, color, shape and angle jitter. It help us to use brush to draw various pattern, here is example.

Flower pattern using brush
custom brush

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Master : person who turn defect into skill

Real Master is one who give success in life. Master has power to turn our mistake into skill.
One ten year old boy whose name is vivek. He lose his left hand in an accident. he is interested in judo. He goes to a master and that master had give permission to learn judo. Master separated him from other students and start teach only one trick of judo. Everyday Vivek practice that sincerely. Continue reading “Master : person who turn defect into skill”

Advice: Easy to give hard to follow

It was a incident of time when dr. sarvepalli radhakrishnan was a professor in college. A rich person came to dr. radhakrishnan and said that my son study in college.

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Get more Information about Pokemon Go

Get more Information about Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO” Keyword that has break all the record of searches on google. It is more searched than facebook and whatsup.
How can we forget cartoon character pokemon which is launched by Japanese company nintedo 20 years ago.
Now Japanese company nintedo has launched GPS based ,free to play, smartphone game “POKEMON GO”. Recently it is launched in 20 countries. It is real world game as player has to travel in real world to play game (to catch wild pokeman).


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Romantic Shayri Android App

Romantic Shayri Android App

Romantic Shayari lets you explain sentiments in all their forms through rhythmic words. Shayari is used to convey the sentiment of love. Beautifully written and narrated Shers makes it easy for a lover to pour his or her heart in front of the lover.

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