Fobia of exam

Most of the student feel fear of exam. My view is that exam is not such a big thing. Regular preparation and understanding of all subject clearly then nothing to worry. All student think that exam is ine big forest animal but that not true its totally false. My view definition of exam is result of our memory,concentration and our workout. Continue reading “Fobia of exam”

glowing skin with aloe vera and Rose water

Glowing skin with aloe vera and Rose water


Aloe Vera, rose water


Skin problems can be a common trouble in India in fact it is also quite challenging to remove the dead skin easily. Do that simple thing. Continue reading “glowing skin with aloe vera and Rose water”

Environment Awareness

Environment Awareness

  Today we all know that day by day pollution is increase that is not good for our health and our lives. People not planted tree but they cut tree for their own purpose. It is selfishness of people because people want clean air but don’t plant trees. We all know that ozone layer was broken day by day and ultra violet rays are affecting us. That also causes cancer. We all are responsible for that because our life style is become high. Without vehicle we can’t do any work. Vehicle smoke spread so much pollution. One people can’t do anything  all of the people aware about this. Also we use so much plastic product they also spread so much pollution. Continue reading “Environment Awareness”

Bleeding in gums while brushing teeth

Bleeding in gums while brushing teeth may be due to lack of vitamin C in body.

when there is ineffiecency of vitamin c in body blood vessels (which carry blood ) have a thin walls get week or breakable.


  • Do brush smoothly and apply light pressure while brushing teeth.
  • Drink milk daily.
  • To increase vitamin c eat fruits of every season. i.e. orange, lemon.
  • In season of goose berry(amla) eat 3-4 goose berry daily.
  • goose berry make wall of blood vessels strong, and it is also best for hair and eyes.

Top Mobile advertising network

Mobile advertising network is designed for mobile apps.  Advertisers pay Mobile advertising network for promoting their app from within existing mobile apps. These mobile advertisements enable developers to offer mobile games and apps for free, since developers can make revenue from the advertising instead. Continue reading “Top Mobile advertising network”