Hide or protect photos and videos in android phone

In this blog it is explained how you can hide folder in android phone or protect your private photos and videos from others to see without any app or software.

photos and videos present in folder is not visible in gallery after hiding of folder.

  1. Open file manager and go to folder which you want to hide. For e.g here i want to hide folder diary.


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install brushes in photoshop

In this blog it is explained that how to install or load various brushes in photoshop.

  1. Brushes is in form of .abr file or in zip file.(If you do not have brushes then you can download from many websites.)
  2. Here i have downloaded brush from one website.

install brush

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Open virus infected USB using command prompt in windows

In this blog it is explained that how to open USB with virus in windows using one line code in command prompt.

  1. Open command prompt in windows.


2. Go to Usb in command prompt.(Type letter E and hit enter where E is Usb)


3. Type attrib -s -h -r /s /d and hit enter.


4. Then open Usb.

5. You can also delete specific file using del filename command.

Earn 2000 Gocash on Goibibo by downloading Goibibo app

Goibibo has recentaly launched Goibibo app for anroid. For promoting this app there is scheme in which user can earn 2000 gocash by downloading Goibibo app. Then use this gocash to book Flights, Hotels, Train and bushes.

  1. Download Goibibo app(From playstore).
  2. Sign up using email id and mobile no.(email id and mobile no. can be used once).
  3. Enter KRUP187 code in reference code.(You’ll not get any gocash without entering reference code.)
  4. Invite friends by generating code so if your friend signup using your code you’ll get 1000 and friend will get 2000.
  5. 1 Gocash = 1 rs.